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Meet Hamilton Musical in Chicago

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Legendary Broadway musical Hamilton will stop at Chicago!

Wife, Sister, Maria As Hamilton hurls himself into politics, his writing desk and Phillip’s piano twirl on the turntable in parallel to each other. He’s reluctant to take a moment to see their son perform. At the same time, he enjoys corresponding with Angelica, and in fact neglects his wife and child while writing to her. (His references to Macbeth will also prove prophetic.)

As they correspond, wife-Eliza is lit in the blue of sorrow, her Act II color, while Angelica is cheerful in a peachy-pink light. Both women flirt, with lots of touching and closeness. While sometimes they offer the same message to Hamilton (stressing how important it is, as it’s repeated) most often they contrast, with one happy while the other is sad or one tongue-tied, one talkative. They’re his anima, but also a yin-yang pair, reflecting opposite sides of the self. Their music also contrasts as each repeats her own themes.

Lacamoire explained:

Just visit Hamilton show in Chicago at Privatebank Theater and use the cello for two characters: Burr and Angelica. That shows how versatile it is. The cello can be really snaky and sinister when you want it to, like on “Say No to This.” On “Wait for It,” the cello gives this little hint of the melody. It matches Leslie’s voice, which is really silky. Angelica also has a lot of cello moments, and the harp. When we get to the finale, Eliza starts talking about Angelica, I’m like, all right, we need to do something to echo her themes, so you hear that line from “Satisfied” again on the harp. It’s about finding a way to evoke her when her name is called.

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