April 16, 2024

Dynamics of Individual Candidates in Elections


Individual registrants path elections in 2017 increased compared to the elections of 2015. In fact, the requirements of individual pathways elections in 2017 under Law No.10 / 2016-election heavier than the previous election. The context of the political dynamics of each region is another factor in addition to about the availability / vacancy figure aspiring leaders.

Rumahpemilu.org refer applicants increase individual lines on the stages of the elections information system (Sitap) General Elections Commission (KPU). Total registrants lines totaling 167 individuals Election 2015 candidate pair. This amount is spread in 94 regions out of 269 regions the total number who organized the elections of 2015. From the first applicants for the position of individual lines cagub and not berjender women.

While the registries in the elections in 2017 amounted to 116 pairs of candidates. This amount is spread in 57 regions out of 101 regions the total number who organized the elections in 2017. Figures registrant individual lines in 2017 elections means up 0.5% compared to the 2015 elections.

In general, the Act No.10 / 2016 aggravate the condition of individual lines. Article 41 emphasizes, prospective conditional track individual has the support of the population and are entitled to select the final voters list of the last election. Province has up to 2 million people, must be supported by at least 10% of DPT. This province of 2 to 6 million people, 8.5%. Provincial population of 6 to 12 million people, 7.5%. And, this province of over 12 million people, 6.5%.

Article 41 of Law No. 10/2016 has an additional requirement for prospective individual lines. The provisions of the letter e. reading, the amount of support in more than 50% of districts / cities in the province in question.

Academician of Political Science, University of Indonesia, Ikhsan Darmawan explained, terms of individual pathways of Law No.10 / 2016 which could potentially complicate the more difficult it is to nominate citizens. For citizens who realized the more severe condition of the individual, will think twice to advance.

“The growing number of individuals paslon depending on available figures and political and social conditions in the regions,” said academician of Political Science, University of Indonesia, Ikhsan Darmawan to rumahpemilu.org (25/8).

Banten province in the 2017 local elections is the election of governor-lieutenant governor registrants most individual paths. There are four pairs of applicants are: 1) Yayan Sofyan-Enong Queen St. Rz. Mandala; 2) Tubagus Sangadiah-Subari; 3) R. Ampi Nurkamal Tanudjiwa-Yeyen Maryani; and 4) R. Achmad Dimyati Natakusumah-Yemmelia.

State the number of applicants for individual lines Banten Election contrast to other provinces. Pilkada Bangka Belitung, West Sulawesi, and West Papua none at all registrar candidates for governor and vice governor of individual lines. Pilkada Gorontalo No 1 registrar. And, the bustle of Jakarta election of independent candidates actually only deliver one registrant individual path that has certainly failed to qualify support.

Aceh local elections became the second largest provincial election registrar his personal path with three pairs of candidates. Registrant-Nasaruddin Zaini Abdullah, Abdullah Puteh-Sayed Mustafa Al-Idroes Usab, and Zakaria Saman-political dynamics Aceh Private maintain relatively higher compared to other regions. Context 2016-2017 Aceh that is different from the current context of Acehs first local elections are also many individual paths candidates.

Researchers Society for Elections and Democracy (Perludem), Kholilullah explained, the relative number of pairs registrant individual pathways in Aceh than other regions due to the requirements of individual lines support the elections in Aceh in 2017 is far lower than any other region.

Registrants track individual candidates for governor and vice governor of Aceh enough to collect 150s of thousands of support. Referring to Law No.11 / 2006 on Governing Aceh Article 68 Paragraph (1), 3% of the total population distribution requirements include a minimum of 50% of district / city.

Individual pioneer Aceh

Aceh regulatory context that made the difference when the political dynamics of individual lanes were first implemented in Indonesia in the elections provinces and districts / cities in Aceh. Law No.32 / 2004 on Regional Government irrelevant to the political aspirations of Aceh to elect regional heads. National parties in Aceh do not have connectivity with mass politics represented Aceh Aceh Movement.

Law No.11 / 2006 was born one of them to answer the needs of regional heads in Aceh who want to get rid of the monopoly of the national parties. Because the local parties in Aceh have not been there at that time, political parties interpreted only represent the interests of national / Jakarta. Thus, the organization of elections in Aceh in 2006 became the first local elections Indonesia that provides individual lines.

8 pairs of candidates for governor and vice governor, there are three pairs of individual lines: M. Djali Yusuf-R. A. Syauqas Rahmatillah, Yusuf-M. Nazar, and Ghazali Abbas Adan-Salahuddin Alfata. The third pair is berkontestasi with Iskandar Hoesin-Saleh Manaf (UN), Tamlicha Ali-TGK. Harmen Nuriqmar (PBR, PPNUI, and PKB), A. Malik Raden and Sayed Fuad Zakaria (Golkar, PDIP, and PKPI), A. Hamid Humam-Hasbi Abdullah (PPP), and Azwar Abubakar-M. Nasir Djamil (PAN and PKS).

2.01237 million from the number of valid votes, the governor-elect Nazar with 38.20% of the vote. Couple first individual regional heads Indonesias superior sound of Humam-Hasbi (16.62%), Malik-Sayed (13.97%), Azwar-Nasir (10.61%), Ghazali-Alfata (7.80%), Iskandar-Saleh (5.54%), Tamlicha-Harmen (3.99%), and Djali-Syauqas (3.26%).

Individual dominance in local elections in Aceh province in 2006 did not happen at the local level underneath. Of the 21 districts / cities air-election in 2006 in Aceh, Bireuen district just won the individual lines that, Tengku Tengku Nurdin Abdurrahman-Busmadar.

Local democratic party monumental Aceh that leads to change local government legislation. UU No.12 / 2008 on the Second Amendment to Law No.32 / 2004 regarding the Regional Government to consider, the regional administration directed to be able to create effective local leadership with regard to principles of democracy, equality, justice, and rule of law embodies democratic regional leadership that takes into account the principles of equality and justice, the conduct of local government elections provide equal opportunity to every citizen who meets the requirements.

Decision of Constitutional Court (MK) No. 5 / PUU-V / 2007 July 23, 2007 became the basis of the birth of individual paths through the legislation. Assembly Members Central Lombok regency, then Ranggalawe conduct a judicial review of Law No.32 / 2004 which only provides nomination party lines.

Decision of the Constitutional Court and the Law No.12 / 2008 to be the basis of the elections held in Indonesia that open nomination through party lines or individual lines. Contestation of the election changed the face of 3-5 pairs of candidates becomes more even up to 10 pairs.

Article 59 Paragraph (2a) of the Act No.12 / 2008 is relatively easier for the nomination of individual lines. To requirement election support a province with up to 2 million people is at least 6.5%; 2-6 million people, at least 5%; 6-12 million people, at least 4%; and more than 12 million people, at least 3%. Paragraph (2b) equating the percentage level one support requirements for election districts / cities with population rate range: up to 250 thousand inhabitants; 250-500 thousand inhabitants; 500 thousand to 1 million; and more than 1 million inhabitants.

In the organization of the elections are not simultaneously-for each region berperiode regional head position is different, relatively easy to support the requirements and mechanisms for future retirement penutuhan participant registration stage the election, the election can avoid the possibility of a single candidate pair. However, in general, a couple of individual paths and evaluate the extent of climate enliven contestation against the political parties in the region brought out candidates because it is very rare that an individual pair won the election.

Simultaneously in the elections in 2017, the story of individual candidate election leader of Jakarta as titled, “Finally to the Political Parties Also”. Will be different tenacity and public partial results if the collection of ID cards aimed at pressuring the party to support / carry Ahok. The logic of “no enemies / friends eternal in politics” political parties even entered the heads of the public. Independent candidates that is predicted to cross party lines even as he says “I am from the first person is my fathers party and Golkar people”.

Unrequited asa candidate elections perseorang ensued in the city of Yogyakarta. Jogja Independent bearers Garin Nugroho-Rommy Harianto as a candidate for Mayor and Vice Mayor of Yogyakarta, surrendered. Terms of the support 27 thousand ID cards only collected 3,918 ID cards. Antipartai impression in the beginning, ends with courtesy recommend couples minimal public support for it to the party.

Terms of independent crowded in public but in fact deserted perpetrators and supporters. Who would be your individual path that many can public support? What if the question is, whos elected regional heads track individuals who successfully led the region?

What cause? There is a need for more explanation for not conclude either party still create political leaders. It should also delayed the conclusion, the public has not been able to initiate solid figure brings good quality, could win the election, then juggling the government to be much better for the public. []


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